Why Choose Jet Technologies?

  • Support:
    Jet has licensed engineering, Cam and customer support personnel on staff to assist you. Using the latest Cam software, every job is Design Rule Checked (DRC), saving you valuable time and money by avoiding mistakes and costly reruns.
  • Accuracy:
    Jet has an in-house Lloyd Doyle (the BEST tester, money can buy) Automatic Optical Tester (AOT). Creating net lists from the Gerber data supplied by you, we optically test/verify every board manufactured - our production issues never cloud your designs.
  • Quality:
    Jet produced boards are guaranteed to identically match the files/specifications you provide. We will replace or credit any board that is not 100% correct.
  • Service:
    Jet doesn't operate a web-site that a allows a computer to reject your order because a "t" wasn't crossed or an "i" wasn't dotted - a real, live, knowledgeable, representative will call you to rectify any misunderstanding or missing data.
  • Dependability:
    Jet has been providing Quality, Dependable circuit boards and Service for over 40 years - we'll be here to assist you, a valued customer to us, when and if you need help or assistance.

Many board suppliers attempt to stereotype board manufacturing - it's as much Art as it is Science: Choose wisely! Work with a supplier that will work with you - Jet Technologies, Inc.